This album is dedicated to my best friend and soul sister SLY who left this earth to sing and party in heaven too soon, too young. My grief is beyond words, ma Sylvie adorée.

I wish to thank the amazing Sean Hargreaves (producer), Laurent Guanzini (pianist, arranger, songwriter) Gary Brunton and Ichiro Onoe who, patiently, worked with me on this project. Their uniqueness, talent and love have made this album sound as it does : magical!

Laurent, you are such a genius songwriter and a beautiful soul.
Gary, I love working with you, your enthusiasm and talent are beyond. Ichiro, your magic touch transpires in this album and I am so grateful that you have trusted me by taking part in this project.
Sean, this album would never have "been" without you.
From your trip to Paris for the recording to our mixing sessions in London during COVID to the final production when I was quarantining in Sydney and you were in London, your morning, my evenings.

I will never forget your dedication, your love and your support.